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Since 2011, he has devoted himself exclusively to his art.

With the experience he gained in his previous lives as a boatman, designer, among others, he has undertaken passionate research on the hidden potential of materials such as brass, copper, bronze, lead, stainless steel, corten, cotisso, stretched metal, non-slip metal, lathe swarf, discarded moveable type, revolving chimney caps, glass rods, Plexiglas and others,wishing to unburden these elements, which have helped him shape his artistic vocabulary, from their original functional use, to give them new life, to let them be interpreted conceptually rather than aesthetically, and to examine the principles, methods, and purposes of making art.

The artist’s complex personality has emerged over time in the form of repeated experiments involving wild assemblies, empirical combinations, and uninterrupted production cycles. This hectic activity has generated, within just a few years, a diverse production marked by simple concepts, thoughts on artistic vision and, in general, on existential values, which allowed him to reach a synthesis with Sculpting lightness and light, thus elevating his search to a metaphysical level.

Thesearch for simplicity has become the artist’s paradigmatic way of deconstructing the work of art, breaking its self-referentiality and re-examining its aesthetic function. This thrusts comprehension beyond the seductive power of shining glass and mirror-polished metals, beyond the chromatic hyperboles of translucent paints, beyond the pleasure of touching the wavy metal and laser-carved plastic, beyond the endless structural, conceptual stratifications of his sculpted boxes, up to the final and deepest surface, where the artist first caught the luminous element to then let it go free.

In the dual physical and metaphysical nature of light, Muriotto has gathered the essence of the work of art, whether it is a soft chiaroscuro, a slightly sketched shadow on the wall, an ethereal, discreet presence, or an intangible reverberation.The essence of his works is always some transcendent material and the realisation of an epiphany of a Neoplatonic idea, of which his works are merely containers.

In his daily search for a metaphysical presence, Angelo Muriotto continues to express craving for the undefined, the intangible, the ethereal, for levity and for light.

Artista Angelo Muriotto